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The House

of Oud

The House of Oud is the story of a friendship between Andrea Casotti, an Italian master perfumer, and Mohammed Abu Nashi, a Jakarta Oud maker, two people who share a passion for art, perfume and travel, along with a sense of beauty and their love for studying this world. 

The house of Oud

The ideas of Andrea Casotti and Mohammed Abu Nashi have been gathered from all over the world to become part of a single "house". Theirs, however, is a somewhat particular home: it has neither walls nor borders, but is open to opportunities and visits, furnished with knowledge, experience and the ancient art of perfumery.

Similarly, THoO, the brand's new artistic direction, embraces contaminations of style, nature, beauty, tending towards the contemporary. Each new olfactory creation reproduces the exploration of heterogeneous universes, speaking of the present, of surprising intuitions and original harmonies with unexplored ingredients.

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