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Alexandre J., French designer, creative and in touch with everything, launches his eponymous fragrance brand in 2012 with a single predisposition: creation.

He frees himself from the codes of traditional perfumery to propose his vision of beauty, the alliance between luxurious packaging and exceptional fragrances.


Alexandre J.

The inspirations of Alexandre J.

His multicultural inspirations are felt in his creative process: mother-of-pearl bottle, glass paste stopper, enamel medallion, pearl ornaments... Alexandre J. does not hesitate to associate us with artists from different artistic worlds to promote unique but common creations, which are more and more surprising. 


Alexandre's creations. J are designed for men and women gifted with refinement, lovers of beauty and unique, as a work of art is unique.

Architect of materials and senses, Alexandre J. rejects compromises and gives life to objects that arouse emotion. 

With a thirst for knowledge, Alexandre J. constantly wants to learn: each new experience is an opportunity for in-depth research, as being a perfectionist he seeks to understand the techniques used by the craftsmen so that his ideas can concretely take shape.

Alexandre J.'s fascination with different processes, craftsmanship and history evolved into a love of exquisite and timeless pieces...

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