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Liquid Imaginaires


The brand was born in 2012 when the artistic sensitivity of Philippe De Meo meets the entrepreneurial flair of David Frossard around an artistic installation that explores the sacred ancestry of Perfume. By fate, the two embarked on a common journey: to imagine a new relationship with Perfume...

The inspiration

Imagined by the two founders and developed by professional perfumers without the slightest compromise in terms of materials, the Liquides Imaginaries initiate the nose and the mind to cross the boundaries of perception, matter and reality. Starting from the belief that perfumes are much more than an instrument of seduction, the brand claims the primary powers of perfume to transform them into real spiritual, cultural or religious discoveries. 

At the confluence of the real and imaginary world, Liquid Imaginaries breaks the yoke of appearance, of profane and Cartesian thought, to allow the human spirit to freely explore its deepest nature, the heights of its impulses and its aspirations, bringing out fragments of soul still unknown. 

The founders


Philippe De Meo

A versatile mind with an insatiable appetite for words, flavors and aquatic environments, Philippe is the artistic half of Liquides Imaginaries. 

His conceptual strength, his perennial curiosity and his artistic intentions are often at the origin of the brand's initiatives. With a hilarious and meticulous wit, Philippe brings together ideas and talents to create a rich narrative. 


David Fossard

David, on the other hand, full of energy and always on the move, is the growth engine of Liquides Imaginaries.

Despite his pragmatism and entrepreneurial spirit, David could make big speeches about Spinoza as much as he could about the Greek legends.

From time to time, he takes his motorbike and sets off to conquer new roads, to fill up on ideas and inspirations. 

Contrasting yet perfectly fused, each with their own paradoxes, Philipp and David aspire to challenge the status quo of perfumery as it is conceived today

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