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The story of an enchanting renaissance, that of a Parisian perfume house born in 1923 and then forgotten for over 80 years, until 2010, the year in which François Hénin, a globetrotter fascinated by raw materials, decided to give it a new life. ..

After years of perfume-hunting adventures in the depths of Vietnamese forests, followed by a detour through Grasse, the entrepreneurial adventurer had gained a unique experience. Now creator and artistic director of the maison, he is making Jovoy Parisien a hallmark of contemporary niche perfumery. 

All Jovoy creations have a fascinating story to tell, born from a personal encounter or experience. 

Each perfume is artfully crafted by independent noses engaged in a creative fusion with the publishing house, and their interpretation must convey the initial promise and vision. 

As a result of this approach, Jovoy signs a collection of multiple inspirations, perfectly in tune with lovers of rare fragrances from all over the world. 

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