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Pierre-Francois Lubin is considered the founder of modern perfumery.

The famous perfumer Jean-Louis Fargeon, whose Parisian laboratory was located near the Lubin family home, started it in 1784 since the age of 10, to the art of perfumery. He thus becomes the custodian of the beauty recipes of the Royal Court of France...

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Scintillante e sognante, provocatorio ed oscuro, leggero e caldo, Amouroud è una raccolta di memorie olfattive, storie reali ed immaginarie, tradotte con note legnose, floreali, radici ed erbe in profumi che catturano un luogo primordiale di serenità, gioia e passione.

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Fargeon, heir to an ancient dynasty of perfumers originating in Montpellier, was in fact the official supplier of Queen Marie Antoinette, who received the faithful perfumer's packets through the young apprentice Lubin. Every day, he refreshed himself with the refined compositions based on bergamot and orange blossom essences. The scent of the roses, which reminded her of the gardens of Trianon and which Fargeon knew how to extract so expertly, was also among her favorites.

In 1792, however, Pierre-Francois Lubin, at the age of 18, left Paris and the revolutionary ferment to go to Grasse at the atelier of another master, Tombarelli. The latter starts it at "Italian method", imported from Florence two centuries earlier thanks to Caterina De' Medici.

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