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Laboratorio Olfattivo

The Olfactory Laboratory is the story of a project born in 2009 from the passion of Daniela Caon and Roberto Drago for the world of artistic perfumery. 

A collection that boasts EDPs created in collaboration with the most eclectic noses of the moment, including the fragrances of the Masters' Collection, born in collaboration with Jean-Claude Ellena, Lucien Ferrero and Dominique Ropion and the Journey to Italy by Jean-Claude Ellena.

A project that works on pure creativity in which Roberto Drago, creative director of the brand, brings together the energies of the most eclectic noses of the moment, calling them to put their artistic skills into play to produce full freedom the fragrances starting from his original idea.

Gods create smells.
Men make perfumes.

Jean Giono


The birth of a new perfume never comes from a market need or from a marketing study, but from need to tell a story…The story of a memory, a journey, a sensation.

Knowing how to enclose this universe of suggestions and atmospheres in a bottle makes the perfumes of Laboratorio Olfatto priceless products.

Laboratorio Olfactory has chosen, for its creations, the concentration of Eau de Parfum, as the ideal expression for appreciating the quality of the olfactory formulas and raw materials.  Given their particular composition, they understood as “emotional experiences” to be experienced through the sense of smell. The packaging is deliberately minimal, simple but refined to give importance to the only truly important thing: the fragrance, whose quality must never be overshadowed.

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