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Il Profvmo

It all started in an atelier hidden in a stone village, a real laboratory of essences in which precious elixirs, rare essences and refined raw materials are mixed.

In the midst of this vortex of effluvia, Silvana Casoli becomes a "nose". Not by choice, but by vocation.Here she reigns as an alchemist and creates her first masterpiece, Chocolate.

It is the generous and sunny countryside of childhood in which the smell of olive trees, the taste of fruit and the scent of flowers mix to become an authentic olfactory theater which will be the backdrop for his creations, before enriching himself during his travels: Morocco, Peru, China, Saint-Tropez... distant places that constitute a kaleidoscope of scents.

Elusive, unclassifiable and eclectic, Il Profvmo fragrances have seduced the Pope, Madonna and even Sting. 

The perfumes I create are not simple fragrances. I leave a piece of myself in each bottle. Intense or discreet, sometimes mischievous and always elusive, each one embodies an aspect of my soul.

Silvana Casoli


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