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The Merchant of Venice, an Italian luxury artistic brand born from the will of the Vidal family, evokes the ancient art of perfumery which originated in the city of Venice and its trade with the Far East. The brand is inspired by the "Mude", naval routes that connected a vast territory...

L'eredità di 


Scintillante e sognante, provocatorio ed oscuro, leggero e caldo, Amouroud è una raccolta di memorie olfattive, storie reali ed immaginarie, tradotte con note legnose, floreali, radici ed erbe in profumi che catturano un luogo primordiale di serenità, gioia e passione.

The Merchant

of Venice

About us

The "Mude" departed from Venice and reached ports which in turn were the destination of other commercial routes: here a complex exchange took place between raw materials and finished products. 

In this way the Serenissima succeeded in obtaining knowledge and raw materials that in its own territory it would not otherwise have been able to procure directly, and through highly skilled craftsmen (the Muschieri and the Saoneri) they invented new production techniques which made Venetian perfumes and cosmetics coveted in all the European courts of the time. 


The historical character of the brand is expressed in precious fragrances conceived by the mastery of perfumer noses who interpret ancient routes. The olfactory creations are enclosed in precious bottles inspired by the millennial glass art of Murano. Uniqueness, culture and elegance are the key values of The Merchant of Venice, told through the details of exclusive collections.

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