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Widian was born in Abu Dhabi, the cultural heart of this region. Home to the new Louvre, this metropolitan capital is a beacon of both contemporary and ancient cultural traditions, shedding new light on humanity's shared history. 

Widian embraces the ancient Arabian tradition of creating transcendental fragrances, elevating them further and blending them with international influences to create an intriguing mix of new and old, but also East and West...

Widian's philosophy

Widian is an invitation to travel with the senses from east to west, from north to south: each Widian fragrance is an emotional encounter that finds the perfect balance between West and East.
Crafted with care, using only the rarest and most precious incenses, spices, woods and flowers, Widian is distinguished by its unique, comforting and delicious blends of ingredients.

Each Widian perfume is designed to arouse an emotion.
Every person is unique and Widian fragrances are designed to speak to everyone, transcending gender, age, season or personal preference. Widian is designed according to a simple and singular philosophy: if you like it, wear it!

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