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Ella Maillart, Karen Blixen and Alexandra David Neel, three explorers from another time, have inspired generations of women since their exploits almost a century ago. ELLA K, our fantasy heroine, is to be counted among these women. Without ever being the embodiment of its creator, it was nevertheless born from his imagination…

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Scintillante e sognante, provocatorio ed oscuro, leggero e caldo, Amouroud è una raccolta di memorie olfattive, storie reali ed immaginarie, tradotte con note legnose, floreali, radici ed erbe in profumi che catturano un luogo primordiale di serenità, gioia e passione.

Ella K

About us

Freed from the constraints of time and space, she recognizes no limits or boundaries to her explorations. She is in constant pursuit of the ultimate inner journey, to meet strangers and attempt to discover that distant state that exists elsewhere. 

Born, in 2017, from the creativity of Sonia Constant, Ella K is inspired by female independence, a way of paying tribute to all the free and determined women who have been her source of inspiration throughout her artistic career. We are talking about Alexandra David-Neel, Karen Blixen, Ella Maillart who, while traveling to all four corners of the globe, tested the limits and challenged social conventions to become reference figures among the great adventurers of the 20th century.


Very few perfume houses today are created by women; ELLA K is an exception.

Perfumer and creator for the great brands of Givaudan, Sonia Constant pays tribute to strong women with ELLA K.

« ELLA K is a state of mind. It's a way of looking at the world differently, it's the search for beauty through poetry. It's daring, exploring, pushing boundaries and discovering who you are. »

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