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We could tell you about its incredible founder, Alfredo D'Orsay tell you that he is the son of a Napoleonic merchant and general, who was born in 1801 and raised in France, who had dealings with the greatest creators and greatest minds of his time: Lord Byron, Alexandre Dumas, Victor Hugo , Charles Dickens and the future emperor Napoleon III, who became director of fine arts in Paris...

L'eredità di 


Scintillante e sognante, provocatorio ed oscuro, leggero e caldo, Amouroud è una raccolta di memorie olfattive, storie reali ed immaginarie, tradotte con note legnose, floreali, radici ed erbe in profumi che catturano un luogo primordiale di serenità, gioia e passione.

D'Orsay Paris

Alfred D'Orsay

We could tell you of his eloquence and his beauty, of the success he had when he arrived in a Parisian or London salon, courted by women and envied by men; of his ability to "set a tone" by deciding to wear this or that garment, to acclaim this or that color or artistic movement, of his inspired but sometimes disconnected from reality gaze that made him the icon of the famous New Yorker for every anniversary number from 1925.

But we prefer to tell you about his freedom of spirit and its impertinence, of his acute sense of Beauty. Alfred D'Orsay lived his life exactly as he wanted: passionately, savoring all the arts, thinking only of the present moment, certainly burning his wings a bit sometimes out of pride, but always with love. And it is thanks to a love story that this brand was born...


In 2015, Amelie Huynh discovers D'Orsay and, convinced that great love stories are made to last, decides to give him a new life almost 200 years later. Cradled by fragrances since childhood, Amélie Huynh is fascinated by this moment when Alfred d'Orsay has crystallized for him and his love, Marguerite de Blessington, the first fragrance for couples.  


Amélie decides to continue the history of the Maison and its original love story, exploring love as an emotion, from infatuation to carnal desire, speaking of feelings and intimacy.

In fact, she revises the olfactory line respecting the heritage of the Maison, working with independent noses such as Olivia Giacobetti, Mark Buxton, Karine Chevalier, Bertrand Duchaufour, Fanny Bal and Vincent Ricord...

His vision is assertive, D'ORSAY fragrances will be for her and for him like the first, characterized by a form of duality that we find in this state of love that often turns us upside down.

Fragrances designed for couples, like states of love. Careful, insolent, sophisticated, contradictory, nascent, electric, impulsive, dreamy, secret, dazzling love? Each fragrance takes its name from a clue phrase, signed with the initials of a personality whose identity will never be revealed.

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