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A dynasty of master perfumers that gave birth to unique compositions musing the noblest essences and still resorting today to handcrafted production techniques abandoned in modern industrial manufacturing

Story and perfumes

Goldfield & Banks is a tribute to the beauty of Australia, a pioneer in the perfume industry.

The first luxury perfume brand Made in Australia. 

Goldfield & Banks combines the highest quality, authentic Australian essences with centuries of French expertise in fragrance creation, resulting in a luxurious collection of pure, rare and as yet unexplored fragrances. 

Here, the native Australian essence shave been carefully selected to create a new Australian dream, composed of fiery deserts, sparkling coastal landscapes and deep fragrant forests. 
A real journey, starting with the elemental beauty of an Australian sunrise: fresh, sparkling and authentic, with aromatic and invigorating nuances. From this fresh, light and joyful dawn si pass at a summit of floral, exotic and dazzling fragrances, where each perfume reveals elements rarely used in modern perfumery.

Dalla passione al profumo

The journey of each perfume Goldfield & Banks starts in Australia where the raw materials are processed in essential way to create exceptionally pure oils. They are then combined with local elements and essences that come from All the world, to then be sent to France to be mixed with organic alcohol and bottled: the result is le unmistakable fragrances that all customers know and love.

For the selection of the raw ingredients, we rely on expert growers dedicated to their work and on botanists from all over Australia who allow us to work with oils of the highest quality, often still unknown in modern perfumery.

The sustainable quality of these ingredients represents an innovative and contemporary approach to the production of oils for fragrance creation, and showcases Australia's leading expertise in botanical development and research.

The result is a modern yet timeless collection of genderless niche perfumes for men and women. 

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