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Haute Fragrance

Company Paris

Make a sketch. 

Write the formula for a perfume.

Create your imaginary world starting from a drawing or a fragrance to better capture the moment...

This is what the HFC Paris project is about, an epicurean collective dedicated to fashion and perfumes. 

Make your life a work of art

In couture everything starts with a sketch, a movement. 

The design team has surrounded itself with the best talents to offer a unique experience, where dotted lines meet olfactory creation.

Because life is lived and revealed from one day to the next. Because it changes as fast as your favorite dress changes. 

Drawing frees you from constraints, so you can design your own codes, anything you want to be.

HFC offers a collection of over twenty scented prints and scents, representing a moment, a state of mind, a life fantasy. Decisive fragrances, to design your life! 

HFC Paris collections are like a breath of fresh air for people who want to delight their self-confidence and unique lifestyle. It is sophisticated, seductive, full of joy and true love.

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