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Pasotti 1956

Gorgeous umbrellas for drawing and for fabric, for decorations and for grips. Signature pieces that bring the "Made in Italy" of this particular sector all over the world. In the Mantuan countryside, in Castellucchio, there are those who continue to produce luxury umbrellas, entirely handmade and to distribute them in every corner of the globe, with a brand that is about to turn 68: Pasotti.

Pasottiis different than other brands for  the creativity and continuous research into materials, all exclusively Italian: enamelled brass, Swarovski® crystals, handles in precious woods, wonderful decorations. 

The company was born in 1956 founded by Ernesta Pasotti, who as an employee of an umbrella factory in Milan returned to her native town, opened the business and began to produce beautiful umbrellas which she sold directly, sometimes even riding her scooter. Then from a small artisan, together with her husband Vittorio, the company became large, with over one hundred employees. 

The brand today

Today, industrial production no longer has space given the global competition, so we have downsized: we produce no more than 40,000 umbrellas a year, which we then supply directly to the best boutiques in 75 countries around the world. 93% of our turnover concerns foreign markets, mainly Europe, North America, Russia and China. In addition to the production of the Pasotti line, we boast private-label collaborations with the biggest fashion brands in the world.

And the foreign market is in continuous expansion, thanks to the new generation, i.e. Nicola and Andrea Begotti who, by participating in the most important fashion weeks and investing heavily in the Web, have increased the popularity of the brand.

From generation to generation the artisanal production of the umbrella is kept alive.


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