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Goutal Paris


All our scents, like those moments that forge us, heartfelt declarations, gestures of tenderness, stolen kisses, tell a part of your story.

Since 1981, our Maison de Haute Parfumerie has been offering the ultimate art of perfuming along with delicate and unique creations that accompany all the moments of life…

A musician, a model, an antique dealer and finally a perfumer...
Annick Goutal left a legacy that is more than anything a state of mind, a vision. A woman of desire, with a determined and free-spirit character, with an artistic soul, who has lived several lives.
She was an inspired and inspiring woman, driven by love. She was a woman who completely reinvented Haute Parfumerie and who knew, year after year, how to transform emotions into exceptional fragrances.

She was a pioneer woman, she shaped a Parisian Maison to her own image, an independent perfumery driven by love. She was one of the first woman perfumers in a man's world.
She was a visionary woman, who never hesitated to do things differently: creating a vetiver with marine notes when no one else had thought of it, or fresh and delicate perfumes when the trend was for heady, overpowering fragrances… 


An exceptional woman 

Her philosophy

Composed of the rarest and most noble essences, a Goutal fragrance, once worn on the skin, tells an infinitely personal story. A trail that leaves an impression on the heart rather than deliver an overpowering sensation.
Each perfume awakens the imagination, invoking an emotion, a childhood or holiday memory, the poetry of a journey.
Each Goutal composition is an act of sharing. Signature scents that travel through time and generations.
More than fragrances, emotions, unique experiences, initiatory journeys

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