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Trudon 1643


The story of Trudon begins in 1643 in Paris, in Rue St. Honoré. 

The oldest waxworks in the world. 

From about 400 years wax is produced continuously bringing a prestigious know-how in what today are considered the most beautiful scented candles existing on the market. 


Claude Trudon's grandson bought the Royal Wax Manufactory in Antony, south of Paris. 

"Maison de Cire Trudon" became the official supplier of the court of Louis XIV, as well as the major cathedrals and churches of France.

At its height, Trudon employed over 100 people and became the leading waxworks in France.


Claude Trudon becomes the owner of a grocery store on Rue Saint-Honoré, in Paris.


Napoleon gave only one gift for the birth of his son: a ceremonial Trudon candle, decorated with three gold coins depicting the Parthenian effigy.

Today the company, which specializes in scented candles, has taken over famous noses to be able to create perfumes that tell stories. 


All our candles are handmade in the our factory in Normandy, France. 

Their manufacture begins with the installation of the wicks, which are placed at the bottom of each glass so that they remain perfectly centered. The tumblers, crafted in Tuscany, are then lined up on wooden counters before the melted wax is poured in, soon after it has been mixed with the perfume. As the wax is poured, the wicks soften from the heat and bend towards the glass, Therefore are then straightened by hand to ensure they remain perfectly centred.

As a timeless object, Trudon candles are the expression of exceptional know-how, from waxing to packaging, and each label is centered and affixed by hand. 

Each candle format comes in its personalized box, recognizable with the Trudon emblems and attributes, designed to give each candle optimal protection. 

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