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A vision of the Hon. President Asghar Adam Ali (Al Attar), the master perfumer, has created 15 fragrances for the brand. 

The first eight fragrances are a Niche Collection, labeled as 'First Generation', where each fragrance in the concept represents a different attribute of the city of Dubai, from its rolling beaches to its towering towers. The other  fragrances are part of an Ultra Niche Collection, labeled as 'Second Generation'. This collection is unique in that it builds on each of the previous fragrances, keeping in mind the same attributes that drive the thriving metropolis of Dubai: innovation, world-class quality, luxury, ultimate creativity and craftsmanship.

Spirit of Dubai

An inspiration. A celebration. A tribute. A new chapter in the history of luxury fragrances, inspired by Dubai, a city of contrasts, cosmopolitan luxuries and captivating landscapes.

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