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Benjamin Almairac grew up with stories of the perfumes his father brought home from work. He dreamed of creating a place in the center of Paris where the public could discover the most refined fragrances that Michel Almairac had always dreamed of staging…

Together with Elizabeth, his mother, and Romain, his brother, he designed a place to witness the creation of a perfume.

Parle Moi 

De Parfum

Magic and technique, baffling ease and maddening complexity: this is how Michel Almairac describes his work.

Parle moi de parfum... and nothing else

In the elegant and relaxing spaces of rue de Sévigné 10 and rue du Four 22, Benjamin has created a laboratory, complete with raw materials, where every day a young perfumer worked. 

When Mitchel, the fragrance designer and father, sees a rose, he immediately draws its composition trail in his head, when he puts on his leather jacket he calculates the proportions of a future formula, and when he savors a mashmallow, with his eyes closed, combines vanilla with orange blossom.

This is followed by the delicate task of selecting raw materials, completed by extraction, evaluations and criticisms, until the olfactory form in his imagination stabilizes and the formula reaches equilibrium.  

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