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Our history

It all started from an idea that Massimo has had in his mind and heart for years, an idea that gets stronger and bigger with the passage of time: you can try to hide it, but an idea must follow its flow. 



Nobile 1942

It all started with Umberto Nobile, grandfather of Massimo, a name that has always had great importance in the world of luxury fragrances. Since the early 1930s he has been the representative of Nina Ricci's perfumes and in 1942, in the midst of the Second World War, he decided to open a perfumery for his wife in Rome. Thus it became a family tradition: Massimo's father Benito did the same for his wife in Naples and Massimo's brother, who fell in love with a Tuscan woman, also opened a perfumery for his wife.

Moved by love for beautiful things and the passion handed down from father to son, Massimo has done something more...

To be honest, everyone comes from an idea that maybe you already have inside. You keep it hidden for a long time and one fine day it decides to come out spontaneously, and only then do you understand that you want to do it.

Thanks to the passion for the world of perfumery acquired in his family and thanks to his ten-year experience in the great Maison Chanel, in 2004 he decided to create with his wife Stephanie Giannino a brand that fully represented Italian elegance all over the world.  We have never followed trends: the main example is that in 2011, when the western world lost its head for agarwood, Nobile 1942 launched La Danza delle Libellule, a vanilla perfume, which has become our best seller worldwide. 


If you really believe in it you are also reckless and audacious. The attempts of friends and relatives to dissuade you from doing so were useless given that the world is full of perfumed bottles and that many will go by the wayside. The bravery? Yes, it does courage. Theme of our RUDIS perfume. And courage, as they say, passes through fear and risk. Go through the unknown and the desire to know. It exceeds the time and means available. He wants to emerge at all costs. Even my father, if he had been alive, would have advised me against it...Leave the certainties of a great Maison I worked for? Only Stefania could have stopped me if she had been against it. Instead she, surprising me how she can do it and when I least expected it  said to me: "Yes, let's build it together. I can see it!"

Nobile 1942 was born.

I represent the third generation of a family very involved in this world of strong perfumed emotions.B ut what's really important is what this past has left inside me and how I can treasure it for the future...

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