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Hermetica was launched in 2018 thanks to the desire and conviction of Clara and John Molloy, eager to start a new way of experimenting and creating perfumes. As close as possible to the skin, like an olfactory dance, combining the best of nature and science with a revolutionary formula present in every composition: Hermetica fragrances are able to perfume and moisturize at the same time, an environmentally conscious beauty gesture.

Hermetica represents a new approach to fragrance production that combines nature and chemistry. Powerful fragrances, gentle on the skin, respectful of the environment, combining history and modernity.

Perfume and leather are close friends. Wearing a perfume begins with a nice gesture for our body, like a personal dance that makes us feel good, thanks to the magic of perfume. Even more with Hermetica and its unique formula without alcohol, created in more than two years of hard work thanks to the collaboration between Clara and the senior perfumers Aliénor Massenet and Philippe Paperella. 

It all started with a secret: thes earch for the perfect fragrance. 

Hermetica is a collection of clean fragrances inspired by the ancient Florentine practice of alchemy. Applying its practices to modern perfumery, Hermetica is based on the belief that the search for the perfect fragrance is based on the connection between the precious molecules within a fragrance and one's skin. In their search for the ultimate elixir, Clara and John set out to create a revolutionary collection using a combination of nature's best form and molecules (when chosen over a natural component to preserve it): a conscious step towards creating sustainable fragrances and as green as possible. 

These hybrid formulas were developed using a unique technology, a world first in the perfume sector. The formulas immediately reveal the heart of the fragrance and use green chemistry: unlike traditional perfumes which use alcohol to deliver the fragrance to the nose, Hermetica uses a patented technology to release the heart of the fragrance at a given pace.


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