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Ramon Monegal

SINCE 1916

Ramon Monegal belongs to the saga of the most important Spanish perfumers. Member of the fourth generation of the Monegal family, founders of Myrurgia, official suppliers of the Spanish royal house which has been imagining and creating perfumes for over a hundred years: a historical point of reference in the world of perfume, a model that deserves to be celebrated.


Art and Passion

great sensitivity, meticulousness and zeal in the elaboration of his creations in all their phases and aspects they have led Ramon Monegal  to also get involved in the processes of idealisation, planning and communication. To improve his knowledge in these fields, he added to his architectural studies the training he followed in 1977 at the Barcelona Design Center.

In 2007 he made himself independent from the industry and, after a period of reflection and experimentation, he realized the project he had always dreamed of: creating his own collection and reaching the end user by signing as unique and authentic author, without filters. 

Currently, Ramon has his own laboratory specializing in blending, maceration, production and control. Work with the real freedomt hat luxury offers in order to reach art, does not limit his imagination, he uses the most noble and exclusive essences that exist in the world, and which he knows so well, transmits poetry with timeless sensations and emotions with Mediterranean passion and recovers craftsmanship as a natural channel of art.

It deludes, seduces, surprises, creates desire, pleasure, magic and power.

The scent...
it precedes presence and remains in absence.


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