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Frederic Malle

Editions de Parfumes Frederic Malle was born in the year 2000 as a product of Frederic Malle's determination to uphold the art of perfumery and the desire to restore it to its former glory.  Guiding the world's greatest perfumers to the pinnacle of their craft, Frederic Malle grants them the total freedom to create, providing them with exceptional raw materials, without imposing time or budget constraints and without marketing constraints.

Born into the world of perfume, with more than thirty years of experience, Frederic Malle is today the leading expert in perfumery. An unconventional and unclassifiable esthete, offers perfume artists the chance to excel, encourages them to develop their own language and celebrates their creativity. And so, from each collaboration, a masterpiece is born: a perfume that the creator is so proud of sign it with your name, for the first time. 

This unique approach results in an eclectic range of perfumes with the most diverse personalities: a collection that embraces all styles and olfactory families, revolutionizing and revisiting even the most classic perfumes with a modern twist, boldly pushing into uncharted territories.

Entering the world of Frederic Malle means cultivating your freedom and your style, finding the perfume that expresses your singularity, resonating with your deepest self and becoming the signature of your identity.

For more than 30 years I have been collaborating with the greatest perfumers in the world. As an editor working with authors, I help them to give their best. We share a common language, that of the formulation of raw materials, which allows us to communicate directly, immediately. 

My goal is to explore unknown olfactory territories, to release exceptional perfumes and to make each of these perfumes stand the test of time. In other words, I want to help the greatest perfumers compose the "classics" of tomorrow.

My editorial line is shaped by my personal taste, and by a continuous search for refinement and elegance.

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