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Etat Libre


Ambitious and audacious perfumery, free to create.

Free to love and be loved. 

A different kind of perfumery, intelligent, with its own point of view. Capricious, who uses irony to refine the names of her creators. Lively, which shakes prejudices and arouses ambiguity. 

A perfumery that plays with ideas and reinvents pleasures...

Name and Sign

When Étienne de Swardt created his maison in 2006, it was simply natural for him to give it this name, to honor his birthplace and what it represents. 

In South Africa, Etat Libre d'Orange (The Orange Free State) was an autonomous sovereign republic that declared independence from the British Empire in 1854. The name derives from the royal family of the Netherlands, the homeland of the region's pioneers . It was a land of fiery rough beauty of unforgettable colors and smells, a nation of contrasts, strong feelings and mixed emotions. And it was independent, unrestrained, unrestricted. 

Unity, beauty and conflict, but above all freedom, are the fundamental values of the brand, which keep alive that small state whose sovereignty ended in 1902. 

Etat Libre d'Orange is a declaration of independence. 

Etienne de Swardt has worked for a long time in the world of luxury perfume, a world that has a fixed focus but which in recent years has been limited to the creation of simple and sterile fragrances. Perfumes have been conceived with the goal of pleasing as many customers as possible, and this goal is based on the premise that customers want something easy, uncomplicated.

Bored by these dictates, Etienne founds his maison with the idea of starting a revolution: creating a demanding perfumery, to free perfumes from traditional restrictions. He imagined perfumes furiously freed from these dictates, dangerously captivating. Excessive and perfect, sometimes outrageous but always delicious. Perfumes for life. 


Etat Libre d'Orange is an avant-garde perfume gallery, a platform for olfactory innovations. No restrictions are imposed on the creation of these fragrances. The concentration is in the perfume, not in the packaging. 

Etat Libre d'Orange does not spend time, energy and money on the design of its bottles: we are perfumers, not glass makers. A simple, solid, serious, attractive bottle that holds back true creativity. 

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