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Creed and art

of the perfume

dynasty of Master Perfumers which has given life to unique compositions, using the noblest essences and still resorting today to artisan production techniques abandoned in modern industrial manufacturing.

Creed's story

House Creed is founded in London by James Creed, who becomes supplier to the English Royal Court

of tailored suits, perfumed leather gloves and commissioned fragrances. James Creed makes gods scented leather gloves for King George III to wear them and enjoy the fragrance when riding his steed. The sovereign commissions Creed to create the first perfume of the house: Royal English Leather, in which the mandarin makes the impetuous character of the cured notes less heavy, all softened by the presence of jasmine. 

The great creative flair of Henry Creed II allows the House to cross the English borders and become known for sophistication and originality among the major rulers of Europe and their courts: from Napoleon III and the Empress Eugenie to Franz Joseph and Elisabeth of Austria and Hungary, up to Queen Christina of Spain. At the behest of the Empress Eugenie of France, wife of Napoleon III, Henry Creed II settled in Paris under the protection of the queen. 

In 1943 Oliver Henry Creed was born, the sixth descendant of the family, who from the age of majority dedicated himself with passion to the family business, becoming the author of various compositions considered among the most beautiful of modern perfumery. We owe him the introduction of the concept of "vintage" in the world of Creed perfumes, a terminology created to identify the best champagnes produced from a single grape variety at the time when the harvest is at its peak quality.

The finish line of 250 years of history of Creed sees the birth of the perfume that has conquered and continues to conquer women and men of all ages without distinction: Aventus, today considered a true legend in the Artistic Perfumery market, which expresses the desire to dare and represents ardent waiting, that moment that precedes something great and surprising.  

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